Why Genealogy is Rewarding
a day ago
The study of family history is one of the most popular subjects of personal research in the United States. According to USA Today, genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the United States....[Read More]
Rules to Follow When Decorating Your Loved One’s Grave
May 27
Decorating your loved one’s grave is a beautiful way to honor them and personalize the gravesite. However, before you start decorating, you need to make sure you’re following the cemetery’s decoration...[Read More]
Create a Funeral Program Keepsake Worth Saving for Generations
May 11
So, you've been tasked with the job of creating the funeral program. This may seem like a daunting and difficult job that comes at a difficult time. However, creating the funeral program is a lasting ...[Read More]
Remembering Your Mom on Mother's Day
May 5
Mother’s Day can be an emotional time for those who have lost their mom. Whether you have recently lost your mom, or a period of time has passed, the day can be difficult nonetheless. Even though she’...[Read More]
The Results Are In: 65% of Americans Want an Obituary When They Die — Why Don't They Get One?
April 27
Most people want a tribute written in their honor after they pass away. A 2020 study by Beyond the Dash showed that 65% of adult Americans would like an obituary written in their honor when they ...[Read More]
Six Meaningful Ways to Honor a Loved One This Earth Day
April 22
Are you looking for a meaningful way to honor your loved one’s legacy while also improving the world around you? Look no further than Earth Day! While you should take care of the Earth year-round, the...[Read More]
Meeting the Dead in the Obituaries
April 14
Reading the day's obituaries is often an eerie experience, even for those who read them daily. The stories of the dead offer an insight into the world, what we value, and the fragility of life. But a ...[Read More]
Five Ways to Repurpose Funeral Flowers into Meaningful Keepsakes
April 8
Not sure what to do with your loved one’s funeral flowers? Repurpose them into a meaningful memorial keepsake! This way, you can enjoy the flowers long after the funeral service is over. There ar...[Read More]
How to Create a Grief Journal
April 1
When grieving the loss of a loved one, creating a grief journal is a powerful way to share your thoughts and emotions. Whether you want to recap your day or simply share how you’re feeling, it also ca...[Read More]
Putting the 'Fun' in Funeral: Personalizing a Tribute with a Themed Funeral
March 30
Values around death, dying, and memorialization can vary from family to family and from person to person. While many believe that funerals should be a somber time of reflection and deep mourning, othe...[Read More]
Defining Secondary Loss and How to Cope with It
March 25
Grieving the loss of a loved one looks different for everyone, especially since there are so many grief types out there. One type of grief that’s not talked about enough is secondary loss. Below ...[Read More]
How to Cope with the Death of a Significant Other
March 23
When you meet the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, you expect to grow old together. Unfortunately, living into your 90s with your partner is not a guarantee. Many people will ...[Read More]
10 Spring-Inspired Ideas for Grieving a Loss
March 18
Did you lose a loved one in the springtime? Or was spring your loved one’s favorite time of year or when they were born? Whatever the reason the season reminds you of your loved one, these spring-insp...[Read More]
The Ultimate List of Things to Include in Care Packages for Grieving Loved Ones
March 11
When someone is coping with the loss of a loved one, things like getting groceries can be daunting. To give them one less thing to worry about while grieving, you can create a care package. Care ...[Read More]
Spring-Inspired Funeral Personalization Ideas
March 4
Even if it isn’t spring outside, you can still plan a spring-inspired funeral service at any time of the year! Whether your loved one was born in the spring or it was their favorite time of the year, ...[Read More]
Defining Cumulative Grief and How to Cope with It
February 25
Coping with the loss of a loved one can look very different from person to person, especially since there are many different types of grief. One type of grief that’s not often talked about is cumulati...[Read More]
Five Ways to Cope with the Loss of a Loved One on Valentine's Day
February 11
Valentine’s Day is normally a happy time, but for those who are coping with the loss of a loved one, the holiday brings about sadness. Whether it’s the first Valentine’s without them, the fifth, or th...[Read More]
2020 Memorial Trees: See How You Made a Positive Difference
February 4
Memorial trees are a truly unique and meaningful way to honor a loved one. During 2020, we honored hundreds of lives while making a positive impact on the environment. We planted more than 140,00...[Read More]
Defining Delayed Grief and How to Cope with It
January 28
Grieving the loss of a loved one can look very different from person to person, especially since there are many different types of grief. One type of grief that’s not often talked about is delayed gri...[Read More]
The Mormon Tradition of Making Funeral Potatoes
January 26
Wondering what to serve at a funeral reception? Funeral potatoes are a fitting way to feed your guests—for more reasons than just the name.  WHAT ARE FUNERAL POTATOES?  Funeral pot...[Read More]
10 Winter-Inspired Ideas for Grieving a Loss
December 23, 2020
Whether your loved one passed away during the winter or they had a winter birthday, these ideas can help you grieve and honor your loved one.From relaxing activities to more active ones...[Read More]
Winter-Inspired Funeral Personalization Ideas
December 17, 2020
If your loved one passed away during the winter, you can design a personalized funeral service that reflects the season. Or even if it isn’t wintertime, you can still bring winter indoors if it was th...[Read More]
Supporting the Bereaved With Cold, Hard Cash
December 15, 2020
I returned home one summer in university to support my mother as she lived out her final few months on earth. She had asked me not to take on a summer job, offering to support me through the summer so...[Read More]
How to Honor a Loved One During the Holidays
December 3, 2020
No matter how much time has passed after a loved one’s death, the holidays bring up memories and painful reminders of how things used to be. To make things a little easier, we want to help you find wa...[Read More]
How to Honor a Loved One This Thanksgiving
November 19, 2020
Whether it’s been one, five, or 10 years after a loved one’s passing, holidays like Thanksgiving can be difficult without their physical presence. However, there are many mean...[Read More]