How to Honor a Loved One During the Holidays

Posted by: Erin Ward in Memorialization | July 8, 2021
No matter how much time has passed after a loved one’s death, the holidays bring up memories and painful reminders of how things used to be. To make things a little easier, we want to help you find ways to honor your loved one this holiday season. Even though they can’t be physically present, there are still ways to keep them close in your hearts.

Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Display a Memorial Ornament on Your Tree

A memorial ornament serves as a beautiful reminder of a loved one during the holidays. Every year, you can place the ornament in a prime spot on the tree. You also can display it year-round on an ornament stand. Check with your local funeral home to see what memorial gifts they offer.

Donate in a Loved One’s Name

The holiday season is the perfect time for giving to those in need. You can honor your loved one’s memory at the same time by making the donation in their name. One idea is to collect toys for families in need of presents.

Bake Their Favorite Holiday Treat

When you do your holiday baking, include your loved one’s favorite holiday cookie or treat. If they had a recipe that everyone in your family loved, try your hand at making it. You can even bring a batch to your local nursing home to make the residents’ holiday season a little brighter.

Light a Candle to Honor a Loved One

A small, yet meaningful way to honor a loved one is to light a candle. Before you light it, you can say a short prayer or speech. Or, if you’re doing it as a family, everyone can go around and say a few words about your loved one.

Watch Their Favorite Holiday Movie

Did your loved one have a go-to holiday movie? Share their love for the movie by watching it this holiday season. If any of your family members haven’t seen it, it can be a way for them to feel closer to them.

Do Their Favorite Holiday Tradition

What was your loved one’s favorite way to celebrate the holidays? To honor their memory, your family can continue this tradition. Even the smallest traditions, like listening to holiday music or putting up decorations, can help you honor and continue their legacy.

How do you honor a loved one’s memory during the holidays? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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