Memorial Trees Honor Lives While Helping the Environment
July 7, 2020
If you’re looking for a unique tribute that honors a loved one’s life while also making a positive difference in the world, then a memorial tree may be right for you! Memorial trees are greener, more sustainable memorialization options ...[Read More]
Five Ways to Repurpose Funeral Flowers into Meaningful Keepsakes
3 days ago
Not sure what to do with your loved one’s funeral flowers? Repurpose them into a meaningful memorial keepsake! This way, you can enjoy the flowers long after the funeral service is over. There are several ways to dry flowers to make a ...[Read More]
How to Create a Grief Journal
April 1
When grieving the loss of a loved one, creating a grief journal is a powerful way to share your thoughts and emotions. Whether you want to recap your day or simply share how you’re feeling, it also can help you feel closer to your loved one...[Read More]
Putting the 'Fun' in Funeral: Personalizing a Tribute with a Themed Funeral
March 30
Values around death, dying, and memorialization can vary from family to family and from person to person. While many believe that funerals should be a somber time of reflection and deep mourning, others believe that celebrating life is a mo...[Read More]
Defining Secondary Loss and How to Cope with It
March 25
Grieving the loss of a loved one looks different for everyone, especially since there are so many grief types out there. One type of grief that’s not talked about enough is secondary loss. Below we’ll define this grief type and how to ...[Read More]


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