How Hagrid’s Advice Can Help You Feel Connected to Your Loved One

Posted by: Kelly Ryan in Grief and Guidance, Industry News, Memorialization | October 19
It was a sad day, October 14, 2022, when beloved actor, Robbie Coltrane, passed away. Most widely known for his role as Hagrid in all 8 Harry Potter movies, Coltrane is remembered fondly on and off the screen by all.  

There was a beautiful quote, he shared recently during the Harry Potter 10-year reunion, about his lasting impact from the movies that really resonated with fans: 
“The legacy of the movies is that my children’s generation will show them to their children, so you could be watching them in 50 years’ time, easy. I’ll not be here, sadly, but Hagrid will.” 
It’s a touching reminder that even when we pass there’s an element of our legacy that will live on. Although most of us have not starred in big blockbuster movies watched by millions around the world, we can still find comfort in knowing that pieces of us will outlast our lives.  

But you might still be asking yourself “what legacy have my loved ones left behind?” There are plenty of ways our memory lives on. Some big, some small, some physical and some just by the impact they had on people. Think of their life accomplishments, what they built, what they did, and who they impacted. No matter what it is, finding our loved one’s legacy can help us feel connected to them even after they are gone. 

Still not sure what your loved one’s legacy is? Here are some examples to help you think: 

  • The table they built by hand, that is now your dining room table. Think of how something they built will always be with you.
  • 30 years of volunteering with a certain charity. They were well known for always being at their yearly event. 
  • A love for a certain food. Every time you eat mashed potatoes think of how it was their favorite food. 
  • A building they worked on. To others it might just be a house or an office building, but to you it’s something your loved one created that you can drive by or visit. 
  • A family tradition they started that now you run yourself. You know they'd be proud that you've kept it going.
  • A saying they always said or a bit of wisdom they frequently repeated that’s driven into your memory. 
  • The impression they had on their work friends. Get them to share stories they have of your loved one. 

Do any of those examples make you think of what your loved one's legacy is? Share your their legacy in the comments below. 

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