31 Ways to Remember Your Loved One This Halloween

Posted by: Erin Ward in Grief and Guidance, Memorialization | October 7

Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult during any time of the year, but especially difficult over the holidays. One holiday that’s coming up is Halloween. If your loved one enjoyed this time of year, you may be missing them a little extra along with the activities you did together. 

To remember them this Halloween, you can still do those activities in their honor or come up with new traditions to honor their memory.  

If you want some ideas, here are 31 ways to remember your loved one this Halloween.


31 Ways to Remember Your Loved One This Halloween 

  1. Visit your loved one’s gravesite or ash scattering location. 
  2. Clean up their gravesite.  
  3. Add decorations to their gravesite.  
  4. Have a picnic at their gravesite with family and friends.  
  5. Make their favorite Halloween-inspired meals if they went all out for the holiday. 
  6. Bake their favorite Halloween treat.  
  7. Eat their favorite Halloween candy and pass it out to trick-or-treaters. 
  8. Put up their favorite spooky decorations.  
  9. Dress up in their favorite costume.  
  10. Have a costume contest in their honor if they loved dressing up.  
  11. Host a Halloween party in their honor and have everyone share stories.  
  12. Do their favorite Halloween activity like going to a haunted house or corn maze.  
  13. Design your own haunted house in your home if that was their favorite Halloween activity. 
  14. Build your own maze in your yard if that was their favorite Halloween activity.  
  15. Volunteer at your local school in their honor if they have a trick-or-treat night. 
  16. Volunteer at your community’s Halloween events.  
  17. Volunteer at your local nursing home to help the residents celebrate the holiday.  
  18. Participate in a local Halloween walk/run.  
  19. Tell your family and friends your favorite Halloween memory with your loved one.  
  20. Write about your day in your journal like you’re sharing it with your loved one.  
  21. Create a Halloween-themed memento to remember them by and display it in your house. 
  22. Make a small gift for family and friends to remember them by. 
  23. Carve a pumpkin with their initials in it. 
  24. Paint a pumpkin with pictures of their favorite things. 
  25. Decorate a frame for a photo of your loved one in their costume.  
  26. Watch their favorite Halloween movie. 
  27. Watch the Halloween episodes of their favorite TV shows.  
  28. Read their favorite spooky books.  
  29. Listen to their favorite spooky Halloween music.  
  30. Take a walk to admire the decorations while thinking about your loved one.  
  31. Simply take some time to think about your loved one and reflect in a peaceful location. 


What other ideas do you have to remember your loved one this Halloween? Share them in the comments.

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