10 Gift Ideas for Your Funeral Guests

Posted by: Erin Ward in Funeral Planning Resources, Funeral Advice, Memorialization | July 9, 2021

After attending a funeral, providing the funeral guests with a gift gives them something to remember their loved one by. It doesn’t have to be anything large or expensive; something small and thoughtful can mean the world to them as they grieve their loss. 

Below are a few meaningful funeral gifts ideas. You also should check with your chosen funeral home, as many of them have software solutions for creating personalized memorial items. 


10 Gift Ideas for Your Funeral Guests 

1. Blank Journal 

A blank journal gives funeral guests the freedom to do whatever they wish with it, such as making it a grief journal


2. Bookmark 

A bookmark is a meaningful way to keep the memory of your loved one close by. For example, it could include a photo of your loved one along with their name and a brief quote. 


3. Engraved Pen 

Another subtle way to keep your loved one nearby is to give your funeral guests engraved pens with your loved one’s name on it, which would pair nicely with a journal. 


4. Poem or Quote 

A poem or quote can serve as a simple, yet powerful reminder of a loved one. You could find ones about grief or ones that remind you of your loved one. 


5. Prayer Card 

For people who are religious, they may appreciate a prayer card as their funeral gift. 


6. Recipe 

Give your funeral guests one of your loved one's famous recipes. You could even have samples of the dish for people to try. 


7. Candy 

Did your loved one have a favorite kind of candy? If so, you could have a bowl of it for funeral guests to grab some. 


8. Flowers 

If you have a lot of funeral flowers left after the service is over, you could divide them between everyone. 


9. Mittens 

If the funeral is during a cold month, you could give your funeral guests mittens in your loved one’s favorite color to help them stay warm. 


10. Picture Frame 

A small picture frame gives those who are grieving something to put their favorite photo of their loved one in, or you could have them pre-filled with a photo. 


Do you have other gift ideas for funeral guests? Share them in the comments.

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