15 Ways to Continue Your Loved One's Legacy Even After They're Gone

Posted by: Erin Ward in Grief and Guidance, Memorialization | July 29, 2021
A loved one’s legacy is about more than just the objects they leave behind for others. But rather, it’s about the positive impact they made in the world and how they will be remembered by their family, friends, and even strangers who learn about their life story. 

Just because a loved one passed doesn’t mean their legacy needs to end. Below are 15 ways to continue your loved one’s legacy even after they’re gone. 

15 Ways to Continue Your Loved One’s Legacy Even After They’re Gone 

  1. Share their story with others. Then, they can share it with their own loved ones and so on. 
  2. Create a scrapbook or photo album. As you share their life story, you can show photos of their life, too. 
  3. Post on their online memorial page. You can share photos, videos, memories, and more. 
  4. Dedicate a bench to them. This makes the perfect spot for telling your loved one’s story. 
  5. Establish a scholarship in their memory. Helping others achieve their goals is a beautiful way to continue your loved one’s legacy. 
  6. Name a loved one after them. Whether it’s your child or pet, you can share the story of how they got their name and why it’s special. 
  7. Do a new tradition. This can be something you do with family and friends to honor your loved one every month, year, or however often you wish. 
  8. Make a memento to pass down. This way, the younger generations of your family can learn about your loved one’s legacy. 
  9. Continue to do something on their behalf. It can be running a community event they managed or something as simple as helping their neighbor that they did yard work for. 
  10. Start something in their honor. For example, it can be a club or volunteer group that aligns with one of their passions. 
  11. Collect donations. They can be for a local food pantry, animal shelter, or another organization that was important to your loved one. 
  12. Volunteer your time. You can choose an organization that your loved one was passionate about, such as the ones mentioned above. 
  13. Participate in a race to honor their life. You can create a group to run or walk in your loved one’s memory. 
  14. Finish items on their bucket list. Was there somewhere they always wanted to travel or an activity they wanted to experience? You can do it in their honor. 
  15. Reevaluate your own legacy. You also can talk with your family and friends about how they want to be remembered. 

What other ways can you continue your loved one’s legacy even after they’re gone? Share them in the comments.

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