10 Memorial Gift Ideas for Those Who Are Grieving This Holiday Season

Posted by: Erin Ward in Grief and Guidance, Memorialization | December 2, 2021

Did your loved one lose someone special to them this year? Or even if it’s been several years since their passing, the holiday season may still be difficult without their loved one’s presence. To make this time of year a little easier for them, you could give them a memorial gift to keep their loved one close during the holidays. Below are just 10 ideas you can start with. 


1. Give Them a Remembrance Ornament 

A holiday remembrance ornament serves as a beautiful reminder of their loved one during the holidays. They can find a prime spot on their tree to hang it, or they can even display it in their home year-round. 


2. Gift Them a Memorial Candle 

Another meaningful memorial gift option is a candle. When they’re missing their loved one a little extra, they can light the candle to give them some warmth and comfort as they grieve their loss. 


3. Put Together a Personalized Wreath 

If you want a craft project, then a personalized wreath may be the right gift choice for you. And the best part is that there are no rules. You can decorate the wreath however you’d like, such as with their loved one’s name, their favorite flowers, photos, and other decorations. 


4. Decorate a Framed Photo of Their Loved One 

Photos serve as simple, yet powerful reminders of a loved one. To give the griever somewhere special to display their loved one’s photo, you could decorate a frame. Like with the wreath, this can be with their name, favorite color, and other personalized decorations. 


5. Compile a Photo Album of Precious Memories 

Instead of or along with a framed photo, you could give your loved one a photo album filled with precious memories of their loved one’s life. This way, they can look through the photo album whenever they want to feel closer to them. 


6. Create a Scrapbook of Past Holiday Celebrations 

If you have the time, you could create a scrapbook of their loved one’s life instead of or in addition to a photo album. You could even make it holiday-themed and include memories of past holiday celebrations with their loved one. 


7. Make or Order Personalized Jewelry 

Many people wear memorial jewelry to keep their loved one close to them at all times. It could be something simple like a heart or cross, or it could be more personalized with their loved one’s initials. 


8. Send Flowers or a Plant to Brighten Their Day 

If none of the above gifts seem to be the right fit for your loved one, perhaps you could send them flowers or a plant instead. They could display the flowers in their home as a reminder of their loved one this holiday season. Or if you gift them a plant, they could keep it as a year-round reminder of their loved one. 


9. Plant a Memorial Tree in Their Loved One’s Honor 

A memorial tree is a unique gift, as you get to honor their life while helping the environment. Trees have many environmental benefits, such as turning carbon into the oxygen we breathe, providing habitats and food for wildlife, and reducing harmful chemicals transported to our waterways. To learn more about their benefits and the Memorial Tree Program, click here


10. Write a Holiday Recipe Card 

Was their loved one known for their holiday treats? Or did they have a go-to dessert they enjoyed? If so, you may want to gift the griever a holiday recipe card so they can make those recipes in their loved one’s honor


What other memorial gift ideas do you have for those who are grieving this holiday season? Share them in the comments.

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Polly Englehorn

December 20, 2021

We are so sorry to hear that June passed away recently. She was a benefit for all those who need to use braile and will live forever in the people who are blind.

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