10 Ways to Create a Personalized Funeral Service
3 days ago
By finding unique ways to create a personalized funeral service, you can honor your loved one’s life and what made them special. From the funeral theme and memorial displays to the service readings an...[Read More]
Caring for an Ailing Parent with Confidence
5 days ago
Reversing the roles of caregiver and dependent is complicated and emotional. Adult children can become caregivers of their parents in the blink of an eye, and it can lead to doubt and anxiety for all....[Read More]
How to Involve Loved Ones in the Funeral Service
July 15
Finding ways to involve family and friends in the funeral service lets everyone be included in honoring their loved one’s legacy. It's also a way for them to show their respect and love for the deceas...[Read More]
Tips for Choosing Funeral Insurance Plans
July 13
Funеrаl inѕurаnсе is dеѕignеd to protect families from the unexpected, and often steep, expenses associated with handling a loved one's final arrangements. This kind of insurance is also called buriаl...[Read More]
Therapy Dogs: The Staff Member You Need To Hire
July 13
A trend is beginning to emerge among funeral homes across the country. Therapy dogs are being introduced into funeral homes to help with grief support. Therapy dogs were first introduced in 1976 by a ...[Read More]
Remembering Charlie Murphy
July 12
Charlie MurphyComedian, ActorJuly 12, 1959 – April 12, 2017Charlie Murphy, the older brother of Eddie Murphy has passed away at the age of 57 from leukemia, according to multiple sources.Murphy was a ...[Read More]
Butler Funeral Home: Helping Missouri Families Look & Feel Their Best
July 12
Bolivar, MO. – When a loved one is buried, you want them to look their best.  In many cases, men are buried in their best suit and a lady in her nicest dress.  Once the suit or dress is...[Read More]
Martin Funeral Cremation & Tribute Services: Helping With The Loss Of A Child
July 12
Fairgrove, Grand Blanc, Mt. Morris, and Vassar, MI.- Losing a child is one of the most difficult experiences a family can go through. Often, traditional grief counselling isn’t enough. In order t...[Read More]
Remembering Don Rickles
July 12
Don RicklesComedian, ActorMay 8 1926 – April 6 2017Legendary comedian and actor Don Rickles passed away at the age of 90 from kidney failure according to multiple sources.He was best known for his ins...[Read More]
Remembering Jonathan Demme
July 12
Jonathan DemmeDirector, Producer, ScreenwriterFebruary 22, 1944 – April 26, 2017Academy award winning director, Jonathan Demme has passed away at the age of 73 according to his publicist and multiple ...[Read More]
Remembering Aaron Hernandez
July 12
Aaron HernandezAthleteNovember 6, 1989 – April 19, 2017Former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez has passed away at the age 27.Hernandez was found dead in his jail cell from an apparent suicide according t...[Read More]
Remembering Stanley Weston
July 12
Stanley WestonToy Creator, MerchandiserApril 1, 1933 – May 1, 2017Stanley Weston, the creator of the “G.I. Joe” Action figure has passed away at the age of 84 according to multiple reports.Weston was ...[Read More]
Christopher “Big Black” Boykin (1972-2017)
July 12
Christopher “Big Black” BoykinReality TV StarJanuary 13, 1972 – May 9, 2017 Christopher “Big Black” Boykin of the hit MTV reality show “Rob & Big” has passed away from an undisclosed cause ac...[Read More]
Michael Parks (1940-2017)
July 12
Michael ParksActor April 24, 1940 – May 10, 2017Talented character actor and Quentin Tarantino favorite Michael Parks, has passed away at the age of 77. The actor’s death was announced by Director Kev...[Read More]
Chris Cornell (1964-2017)
July 12
Chris CornellMusicianJuly 20, 1964 – May 17, 2017 Chris Cornell, an American musician, singer, and songwriter has passed away suddenly at the age of 52 according to multiple reports.Cornell was a...[Read More]
Roger Moore (1927-2017)
July 12
Roger MooreActorOctober 14, 1927 – May 23, 2017 British actor Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89 after a short battle with cancer according to multiple reports. Moore was best known for...[Read More]
Gregg Allman (1947-2017)
July 12
Gregg AllmanMusicianDecember 8, 1947 – May 27, 2017 Gregg Allman, a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band passed away on Saturday, May 27, 2017 in his home in Savannah, Ga. according to mul...[Read More]
Worlein Funeral Home – The Little Library
July 12
Austin, MN – Worlein Funeral Home is home to a grief support resource that has brought their community together to help offer others support during times of need. The Little Library is unique offering...[Read More]
Everything You Need to Know About Being a Pallbearer
July 12
If someone close to you has just passed away, the family of the deceased may ask you take part in the funeral and serve as a pallbearer. While many people are aware of proper funeral etiquette&nb...[Read More]
Tetrick Funeral Home: Caring For Hospice Workers
July 12
Elizabethton, TN. – Hospice workers have arguably one of the most emotionally difficult jobs in the healthcare industry. The job requires them to work in a high stress, demanding, and sometimes thankl...[Read More]
Adam West (1928-2017)
July 12
Adam WestActorSeptember 19. 1928 – June 9, 2017 Adam West, the actor best known for playing Batman on the television show during the 1960’s has passed away after a short battle with leukemia...[Read More]
Anderson-Burris Funeral Home: Helping Families Help Children
July 12
Enid, OK – Being a parent and caring for a child is no easy task. Even more difficult is when you have to care for a foster child. In many cases, these children have been removed from their homes and ...[Read More]
Remembering Your Dad On Father’s Day
July 12
Father’s Day can be an emotional time for those that have lost their dad. Whether you have recently lost your dad, or a period of time has passed, the day can be difficult nonetheless. Even though he’...[Read More]
Quick Guide: A Better Understanding Of Cremation
July 12
Cremation has slowly been gaining popularity and becoming a common way families care for their loved ones remains. Over the past few years this option has steadily grown and is now chosen more of...[Read More]
Holy Cross: Building A Beautiful Cemetery
July 12
Newark NJ – For many people a cemetery is a place of sadness. The Catholic Cemeteries Archdiocese of Newark wanted to change this perception and used the help of high school students to achieve this.T...[Read More]