Santa Fe's Top Three Funeral Homes

Posted by: Erin Ward in Funeral Homes | July 8, 2021

Santa Fe is home to many lovely and historic funeral homes, but three stand out above the rest. Based on customer reviews, these are the most consistent and reliable providers of funeral services in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1. Riverside Funeral Home

Riverside Funeral Home is one of the rare establishments that holds a 5-star rating on Google Reviews. Funeral providers tend to receive harsh criticism when even minor issues occur during the execution of a funeral service. It's a sensitive time, and some people have very specific needs when memorializing a loved one. The fact that every person who reviewed Riverside left a 5-star rating is an accomplishment in customer care that speaks for itself.

Past customers say Riverside Funeral Home is "ultra-professional, caring and responsive." In fact, their ability to capture and maintain customers' trust during a difficult time is perhaps the main reason many customers take to Google Reviews to extend their thanks.

Riverside Funeral Home in Santa Fe offers a range of services that can accommodate different budgets and final wishes. Their direct cremation package is very affordable for families looking for a simple cremation. They also serve customers with an immediate burial package and a traditional full-service package. Read more about what's included in the funeral packages offered at Riverside Funeral Home.

2. Berardinelli Funeral Home

Berardinelli Funeral Home is another Santa Fe funeral home with a reputation for honest work and respect for the dead. It's a home that has served families for generations faithfully, with one longtime customer leaving this positive remark:

"I used Berardinelli Family Funeral Service years ago and they were wonderful. When I returned to them a few decades later I was happy to find that their heart and soul had stayed the same. They are so dedicated to your happiness and your comfort."

They offer both burial and cremation options, as well as special options for veteran services. Berardinelli Funeral Home also offers options for formal, permanent memorialization, such as in a cemetery, mausoleum, cremation garden, or other meaningful location for your family. If you are interested in pre-planning with Berardinelli, you can complete this pre-arrangements form. For pricing on immediate need services, the staff is available to call 24/7.

You can rely on the staff at this funeral home to guide you through the entire funeral process, from the immediate arrangements and memorial service through to the creation of a permanent monument in honor of your loved one.

3. Rivera Funeral Home

Rivera Family Funeral Home and Memorial Garden is the only family-owned funeral home with its own crematory and cemetery in Santa Fe. Supporting local businesses is important, and this facility can support all of your family's funeral needs all in one location. The cemetery has been a non-denominational place of burial since 1954. The Kiva Chapel of Light opened in 2015, featuring unique architecture and a lovely location to pay tribute to loved ones who have passed away.

Rivera offers funeral and memorial services, burial and permanent scattering, cremation, green funerals, as well as specialty services for families wishing to customize their funeral arrangements. For those seeking a full traditional burial service, they have an impressive selection of bronze, wood, stainless steel, and copper caskets. They also have an eco-friendly willow basket option for those seeking a more environmentally friendly burial.

Past customers describe Rivera Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens as compassionate caregivers who truly care about their community. The staff at Rivera can help you and your family plan the perfect funeral arrangement.

Choosing a Funeral Home

Many families trust the funeral home that has handled the arrangements of their ancestors. If your family has a preferred funeral provider that is not on this list, not to worry: You can trust funeral homes that have faithfully served your family in the past. Cultural and historical considerations come into play when planning a memorial, and these things can be more important than the reviews of past customers.

For those searching for a new death care provider in Santa Fe, these top three funeral homes are reliable, professional, and hold a reputation in the community for hosting wonderful funeral services.

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