The Three 5-Star Funeral Homes in Danville, Illinois

Posted by: Erin Ward in Funeral Homes | July 9, 2021

There are many fine funeral homes in the Danville area, but these three are top-rated by past customers.

Customer reviews are informing more and more consumers as they make decisions about how to spend their money. Reviews come from those who have purchased goods or services from a business in the past. When multiple customers feel compelled to share a 5-star rating, it shows prospective customers they can expect exceptional service.

There are many reasons to choose a funeral home with a strong reputation. These three funeral homes in Danville, Illinois have multiple 5-star ratings by past customers.

1. Sunset Funeral Home

Sunset Funeral Home's mission is meeting the needs of its clients. They provide both cremation and burial services.

Sunset can also accommodate the needs of bereaved folks who can't make it to the service. Live funeral webcasting is available at all service types upon request.

Why Sunset Got 5 Stars:

One past customer described the staff at Sunset as "attentive and and dedicated to serving the needs of the deceased and the surviving in a gracious and thoughtful way."

It's no surprise. Sunset Funeral Home is an award-winning facility, with an impressive list of National Funeral Directors Association Pursuit of Excellence honors. Customer reviews prove that Sunset Funeral Home isn't just pursuing excellence, but achieving it! If you are looking for a reputable funeral home in Danville, visit the directors at Sunset to begin planning your or a loved one's final arrangements today.

2. Kruger Coan Pape Funeral Home

The Pape family has conducted funeral services in Illinois for well over 100 years. The Danville location of Kruger Coan Pape Funeral Home has served the community since 1916, making it one of the most established and respected homes in the city. They offer a full range of services, including cremation and burial.

Why Pape Got 5 Stars:

Pape's former customers appreciate the staff's commitment and dedication to every funeral service they handle. Their job is to make life easier for those who have recently lost a loved one, and they diligently work to allow families space and time to grieve.

Because they've been a fixture in the Danville community for over a century, the Pape family has cared for many generations of families in the area. Their experience, patience, and professionalism are qualities customers remember most in reviews of this funeral home.

3. Leek & Sons Funeral Home

Leek & Sons Funeral Home was first established in 1956. The Leek family still runs their family funeral home, serving their loyal customer base with decades of experience.

Along with the typical burial and cremation packages, Leek & Sons also offers an extensive selection of caskets in wood, bronze, stainless steel, or copper. Additionally, Leek has instructional videos and articles for families who are unsure how to begin arranging a funeral.

Why Leek & Sons Got 5 Stars:

Across Leek & Sons' reviews, customers repeat time and again that they feel "blessed" to have the support of this funeral home. During bereavement, especially in the days between the death and the funeral, families often rely on their funeral directors for guidance.

From planning the funeral, to finding out what paperwork needs to be accounted for, and figuring out how to process the loss, funeral directors are more than just event planners. Leek & Sons takes their responsibilities seriously. Visit this fine funeral home if you are planning a service.

Best of the Best

Though there are many funeral homes to choose from in the Danville area, these three funeral homes are the top-rated by past customers. When you are planning the final arrangements for a loved one who has recently died, you should choose a provider that is tried, tested, and true. Any of these businesses can be trusted to plan a meaningful tribute to your loved one.

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