Memorial Trees Honor Lives While Helping the Environment
Posted by: Erin Ward in Grief and Guidance, Memorialization | July 7, 2020

If you’re looking for a unique tribute that honors a loved one’s life while also making a positive difference in the world, then a memorial tree may be right for you! Memorial trees are greener, more sustainable memorialization options that honor lives while helping the environment.

Below we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about the memorial tree program and how it helps preserve the environment and a loved one’s memory. 

What Does It Mean When You Purchase a Memorial Tree?

When you purchase a memorial tree, it’s planted in honor of your loved one in the area of greatest need. Our forestry partners work with their networks of planting partners to determine the details. Depending on the chosen planting location, they decide the tree species based on what grow best in that area and what best helps the environment.

What Happens After You Purchase a Memorial Tree?

After you purchase a memorial tree, we take care of everything regarding the tree planting. You will receive a certificate along with your receipt. This certificate makes a perfect memento for remembering your loved one. For example, you can frame it and proudly display it in your home.

Due to seasonal conditions, the memorial tree plantings are during the spring and summer. If you order a tree during planting season, it may not be planted until the next year to ensure the proper environment for the tree’s growth. Once our partners plant the tree, you can find out what restoration project your loved one’s memorial tree is a part of. 

How Do the Memorial Trees Help the Environment? 

Trees help improve the quality of life for humans, wildlife, and plant life alike. For example, they provide habitat and food for a variety of wildlife. They also ensure quality air by removing excess carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere and turning the carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe. Removing these harmful gases contributes to a lower-carbon economy.

Trees also reduce the harmful effects of climate change. For instance, they reduce the number of potentially harmful chemicals transported to our waterways. They also can significantly reduce soil erosion, since their root systems help stabilize soil.

How Do the Memorial Trees Help Honor Lives?

Memorial trees are a powerful way for a loved one’s legacy to live on. What better way to honor a loved one’s life than making a positive difference in the world? Thanks to your loved one’s memorial tree, wildlife will have a source of food and shelter, the air quality will improve, and plants can continue to flourish. Even after their passing, your loved one can continue to help others. 




June 7

How do I find out how to proceed with planting a tree


Linda Pollera Catrops

May 30

How to order a tree for deceased person



May 25

Hi - The trees purchased for David Atwood are not showing up. Can you fix this? Thanks


Patricia Peters

May 14

How can I visit the tree of my loved one



April 29

Do you get a certificate if you only purchase one tree or do you have to purchase 3?



October 6, 2020

To plant a tree, simply search in the memorial tree section and find your loved one. Click on their obituary, and you will see a plant a tree button.



September 9, 2020

How can you visit a tree planted for a loved one?


John Fieldhouse

September 2, 2020

how do I plant a tree

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