Butler Funeral Home: Helping Missouri Families Look & Feel Their Best

Posted by: Erin Ward in Funeral Advice | July 12, 2021

Bolivar, MO. – When a loved one is buried, you want them to look their best.  In many cases, men are buried in their best suit and a lady in her nicest dress.  Once the suit or dress is selected though, a family is left with all of the other clothes the deceased owned. What Butler Funeral Home is doing with these unused garments is nothing short of amazing. 

Funerals are not the only time you expect someone to look their best. When someone is going to a job interview, they want to dress up and look presentable. For some though, money is an issue and they can’t afford to purchase new clothes. Butler Funeral Home in Bolivar Missouri has developed a program to address this and help people in their community.

In many cases while planning a funeral, the conversation will come up of what to do with all of the clothes the deceased owned. Typically, people will mention that they are planning on donating them but are unsure where.  For others, the idea of boxing everything up and dropping it off at goodwill can be quite difficult. Butler Funeral Home has begun to offer a service that allows families to donate used dress clothes to programs that help job seekers. If the family agrees, the funeral home will come to your home and pack the clothes up. Once the clothes have been packed, they are delivered to organizations in the area that help dress job seekers.

The program has been extremely successful in helping both families and the community. Family members have peace of mind in knowing where the clothes are going and that they will be used to help others in their community.  The program has been very beneficial to the community because the organizations have been able to provide dress clothes to job seekers.

Butler Funeral Home has been able to help both families and their community by acting as a liaison between them.  They have been able to operate a service at minimal cost that is making a major impact on the people in their community. Too often when a family loses a loved one, the unused clothes will sit in a closet. The service Butler Funeral Home is offering ensures that families donate the clothes to those in need to help them better their lives.

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