10 Winter-Inspired Ideas for Grieving a Loss

Posted by: Erin Ward in Grief and Guidance, Memorialization | July 8, 2021
Whether your loved one passed away during the winter or they had a winter birthday, these ideas can help you grieve and honor your loved one.

From relaxing activities to more active ones, there’s something for everyone. We’ve brainstormed 10 ideas for you to start with.

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1. Make a Snow Angel

Although it may seem a bit cheesy, making a snow angel is a simple way to feel closer to your loved one. It’s the perfect activity for including children so they can honor their late loved one as well. You can even take a picture of everyone’s snow angels each year and add them to a photo album or scrapbook.

2. Make Their Go-To Winter Treat

Did your loved one enjoy sipping a warm cup of hot chocolate on a snowy winter day? Or did they have a favorite winter dessert or casserole? You can make their favorite treat in their honor. Whether you share it with loved ones or keep it to yourself, it will help you feel a little bit closer to them.

3. Decorate a Memorial Wreath

Decorate a winter-themed wreath to honor their memory. You can include pinecones, holly, photos, and other things that capture your loved one’s essence. If you want to include the whole family, have everyone contribute an item to the wreath.

4. Go Snowshoeing on Their Favorite Trail

Did your loved one enjoy being out in nature? Even if they were more of an indoorsy person, being surrounded by nature can help you clear your mind and process your feelings. If you live somewhere with snow, give snowshoeing a try!

5. Do Their Favorite Winter Activity

If your loved one was an outdoorsy person even in the winter, do their favorite activity! It can be anything from skiing or snowboarding to ice fishing or building a snowman. Or if they preferred to spend the winter season indoors, you can do their favorite indoor activity, such as reading a book or writing in a journal by the fire.

6. Watch Their Favorite Winter Movie

Did your loved one have a favorite winter-themed movie that they watched every year? Continue this tradition on their behalf by watching it with family and friends. You can even eat their favorite winter treat that you made while watching it!

7. Crochet Winter Hats, Mittens, and Scarves

I love this idea because not only is it a meaningful outlet for grief, but it also gives others something to remember your loved one by. For example, you can crochet winter hats, mittens, and scarves for your family using your loved one’s favorite color. You also can donate some to your local homeless shelter.

8. Play Your Loved One’s Favorite Board Game

Cold, snowy winter days are perfect for staying inside and playing board games with your family. You can play your loved one’s favorite game to honor their memory. To pass down this tradition, you can teach your younger family members how to play it.

9. Collect Toys for a Local Charity in Their Honor

Give back to those in need while honoring your loved one this holiday season. One idea is to collect toys for a local charity. To make it more personalized to your loved one, choose their favorite childhood toys.

10. Listen to Their Favorite Winter-Themed Songs

Make a playlist of your loved one’s favorite winter-themed songs. You can listen to it when you’re driving or just missing them a little extra. You also can share it with your family members, so everyone can enjoy it and contribute to it.

What other winter-inspired ideas do you have for grieving the loss of a loved one? Share them with us in the comments!

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