What To Include In A Care Package For Someone Who Is Grieving

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When someone has just experienced a loss, they often find themselves with very little free time and energy to run day-to-day errands. Between making arrangements for the funeral service, comforting family members, and mourning the loss, it seems like there is never enough time in the day.


Creating a care package for someone grieving is a wonderful way to not only show your support but help them during such a difficult time. Something as simple as gathering a few groceries and essential items like toiletries can go a long way to making life a little easier for the bereaved. A grief care package can include pretty much anything you think the bereaved will need over the coming days.


Too often, people express their condolences and make offers to help. If you’ve ever experienced a loss, you’ve likely heard the phrase “if there’s anything you need…” from dozens of well-wishers. The problem though is that this is usually just something people say but never really follow through on. Creating a grief care package for someone who is grieving shows how much you truly care for the bereaved. By going the extra mile and doing something more than just offering condolences, it can make a real difference for those who are grieving.


What To Include In A Grief Care Package?

If you’re interested in creating a care package for someone who is grieving, you might be wondering what should be included with it. Truthfully, you can include pretty much anything and everything you think the bereaved will need over the coming days. We recommend including items from the following categories: toiletries, food, gifts, grief resources, and things for children (if necessary).



Make sure your care package includes some basic toiletries that people will use on a regular basis. This includes items like:

>   Toilet paper

>   Tissues

>   Shampoo and conditioner

>   Toothpaste

>   A toothbrush

>   Soap

>   Lip balm



If you plan to include food in your grief care package, make sure that you stick to non-perishable food items that are easy to make or snack on. Food items you can add to the package include:

>   Granola bars

>   Canned goods (soup, vegetables, fruits, etc)

>   Cereal

>   Instant oatmeal

>   Nuts



Many people like to include a small gift as a part of their care package. Gifts do not have to be expensive. If you would like to include one, try and find something that can be used to help comfort the deceased. Here are a few ideas for gifts:

>   Journal

>   Candles

>   Cozy blanket

>   Photo album

>   Bath bombs


Grief Resources

It’s likely that the bereaved is experiencing a whirlwind of different emotions during this time. To help make their journey of grief easier, try to include some grief resources. This can include items like:

>   Books/guides for coping with grief

>   Contact information for local grief and support groups

>   Links to helpful blog posts or online articles

>   Details for local grief seminars or remembrance events


Gifts For Children (Optional)

If the family you are creating the care package for has young children, you might want to include a few small gifts to help them cope with the loss. Children’s gifts can include:

>   Coloring book and crayons

>   A stuffed animal

>   Activity books

>   Grief resources for children


Make Life A Little Easier For The Bereaved



Experiencing the loss of a loved one is about so much more than saying goodbye and honoring their memory. For many people experiencing grief, their loved one’s death is the beginning of a new journey through life without them. By taking the time to organize a grief care package, you can make this journey a little bit easier for the bereaved.


If you’re not sure what to include in the care package, don’t be afraid to ask the funeral home for help. Our funeral directors would be happy to discuss ideas and share any resources we can. You can also talk to other family members and friends of the family to get ideas and gather items to include. If possible, try to organize donations from a group of people to contribute to the care package.


*Originally published by Saamis Memorial Funeral Chapel & Crematorium blog

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