Remembering Aaron Hernandez

Posted by: Erin Ward in Notable Deaths | July 12, 2021

Aaron Hernandez


November 6, 1989 – April 19, 2017

Former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez has passed away at the age 27.

Hernandez was found dead in his jail cell from an apparent suicide according to Massachusetts Department of Corrections.  At 3:05 AM guards found Hernandez had hung himself with a bedsheet attached to his jail cell window.  He was rushed to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead at 4:07 AM.

Hernandez was recently acquitted of double murder charges stemming from a drive by shooting outside a Boston nightclub in July 2012.  Hernandez was quite emotional and tearing up when the not guilty verdict was returned.

In 2015 Hernandez was found guilty for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, a semi-professional football player that was dating Hernandez’s fiancé’s sister.  Hernandez’s attorneys had filed for an appeal in this case.

Hernandez was talented and rising football star.  In 2009 he won a BCS National Championship with his college team the Florida Gators.  He was selected in the 4th round of the 2010 NFL draft by the New England Patriots.  In 2012 he signed a 5-year contract extension with the Patriots for $40 million dollars.  Upon his arrest in 2013, the Patriots released him.

Ronald Sullivan, attorney for Hernandez’s family released a statement thanking people “for their thoughtful expressions of condolences”. He went on to say “the family appreciates being able to say goodbye in privacy.  They love and miss him”.



tracey lynn mcdearmid martin bullard

February 17

who i come from could of had him out of prison and in fact never convicted or the fact that i know a secret that if that person lets say life insurance does not pay out if the death is suicide but in fact that was no suicide not with i am sure there are alot of people proffitting from his death,the jail,prison,fake deputies,correctional guards get paid even if they witness a crime,it is a crime to commit suicide because if you do not succeed you are charged for the act itself,you are charged for a killing so in fact if his family is seeing this you file a suit in wrongful death and negligence of the facility where he was and i can sign or use the seal from my great-uncle judge cecil frey bullard,bullard v usa,any state of corrections and i did not know he stipulated it a law in fact bullard wins over bullard v usa my name and blood are cecil,herbert,cecil silas ,so i know the state is getting a big return on the growing deaths that are made to look like suicide in a prison or jail. and i am worth so much money as in net worth and i cannot get out of or away from the state of georgia and i have someone in bullard texas being me. my email is,in the archives i died tracey lynn mcdearmid 01/19/1989,and i am 53 years old now so i hope that is not the case for your family .some of my family,relatives,have died because they heard i was dead being told by secret service or usmc or police law enforcement,me a witness that not a state much less majistrate has the authority to arrest convict or even have a warrant since the parole board commissioner the govenor of every state in the us district because it is in ga.,texas,fla.,ala,washington district of colombia not since there was not a sports commissioner joe warren that retired after 32 years because he found out after himself being guilty to the party of endless crimes. judge bullard won because he found the prison system in the usa were guilty of violating civil rights,he bought this land and he was judge and at the time of war we have no president ,we have not had a gov here as registered since sonny perdue and not even reported cecil bullards murder 01/14/1989,my birthdate,and my death indexed by archives,ss,obituary,vital records,and i cannot even change that.and when i called the facility that had a.hernandez,they told me no and i have a witness heather gene peyton since every state there are in total just for georgia that lists the people in office to correctioal officers prison and jail staff mayors scool board members commissioners .endless you should see the list for texas,law enforcement excessive use of force.having the last or first name of sounding like they are not legal to be here.


gary moulthrop

February 11

The man was a MURDERER how anyone can write anything good about this MONSTER is beyond me.

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