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North Dakota Funeral Homes

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Below is a list of North Dakota funeral homes that share their obituaries with us. Clicking a funeral home listing provides you their contact info and you can view their obituaries. The listing covers the entire state from large, urban cities such as Fargo and Bismarck to smaller, more rural towns. You can further refine your search by entering a zip code, a city/town in North Dakota, or if you know the name of the funeral home you’re searching for.

Anderson Funeral Homes

119 Third Street Southwest, Rugby, ND, 58368

Armstrong Funeral Home

138 Dewey St, Enderlin, ND, 58027

Armstrong Funeral Home

11 Main St., Lisbon, ND, 58054

Armstrong Funeral Home

11 1st Ave. Northwest, Gwinner, ND, 58040

Askew Funeral Home

209 Elizabeth Street P.O. Box 656, Cavalier, ND, 58220

Askew Funeral Home

709 Central Avenue, Walhalla, ND, 58267

Baker Funeral Home

38 1st Avenue NW, Mayville, ND, 58257

Barbot Funeral Home

1301 HWY 49 N, Beulah, ND, 58523

Barbot Funeral Home

615 4th Ave NE, Hazen, ND, 58545

Bilden-Askew Funeral Home

219 North 2nd Ave, Northwood, ND, 58267

Bilden-Askew Funeral Home

405 Washington Ave, Hatton, ND, 58240

Brooks Funeral Home

623 9th Avenue PO Box 284, Langdon, ND, 58249

Brown Funeral Home

224 Booth Avenue, LARIMORE, ND, 58251

Buehler-Larson Funeral and Cremation Service

1701 Sunset Drive, Mandan, ND, 58554

Buehler-Larson Funeral and Cremation Service - New Salem

317 North 5th Street, New Salem, ND, 58563

Carlsen Funeral Home

210 West Main, Ashley, ND, 58413

Carlsen Funeral Home

221 S. 2nd Street, Ellendale, ND, 58436

DaWise Perry/Mandan Crematory

4211 Old Red Trail, Mandan, ND, 58554


2067 1st Street West, Dickinson, ND, 58601

Eddy Funeral Home

621 1st Ave S, Jamestown, ND, 58401