The 4 Top-Rated Funeral Homes in Tucson, Arizona

Posted by: Erin Ward in Funeral Planning Resources, Funeral Homes | July 7, 2021

When planning the memorial of a loved one, it's difficult to know who to trust with the arrangements. If you're looking for a highly qualified, trusted director of funeral services in Tucson, look no further. Here is our list of the top funeral homes in the area, based on consistently positive reviews from past customers.




Martinez Funeral Chapels has multiple locations across Tucson, Arizona, and its surrounding areas. They've been a fixture in the Tucson community for nearly 20 years, serving families as they say final goodbyes to loved ones. 


Customers who've laid loved ones to rest with the assistance of Martinez Funeral Chapels describe this business as very easy to work with. Planning a funeral is difficult under the best of circumstances, so it's even more important to choose a funeral home that will ease the burden on the grieving family as they mourn their loved one in the first days and weeks after death. 


Martinez has a wide range of services for all families, as well as an extensive selection of merchandise. They can meet the needs of those with specific requests for urns, caskets, and flowers. If you're looking for a great funeral experience in the Tucson area, you can confidently place your trust in Martinez Funeral Chapels. 




Funeraria Del Angel serves the Hispanic community in Tucson with an entirely Spanish website. While English-speaking folks can easily and quickly translate the website with the click of a button, this funeral home stands out in its accessibility for those who speak the language. With the United States being the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, this service allows them to reach the families who require funeral services in Tucson. 


They offer a range of services, from full traditional burial to cremation and pre-planning. Though a funeral is usually one of the worst events a family will endure together, customers of Funeraria Del Angel say the staff makes everyone feel like family. The ability to turn a dark day into a celebration of life is what makes this funeral home remarkable. 




Evergreen Mortuary is known for hosting events that are unique to the life of the person being honored. As the world moves toward individualized funerals, Evergreen is the place to go with specific, personalized requests. 


Past customers describe this funeral home as professional, gentle, and conscious of budget constraints. The cemetery is a notable green space that locals appreciate for its history and beauty. If your loved one is to be buried or memorialized in a cemetery, their grounds are carefully maintained for future visits to the gravesite.




Adair Funeral Home's compassionate team of funeral directors can help take care of your family when a loss has occurred. Their general price list is posted openly on their website, so you can make decisions about budgeting from the comfort of your own home. The transparency of their pricing sets this funeral home apart and allows customers to make informed decisions when planning either immediate- or future-need services.


Founded in 1956, Adair's locations offer burial and cremation packages, with the ability to tailor services to the needs of each family. Their long history in the community and expertise of the Adair family carries forth into every service they hold.


Like all the others on this list, Adair's locations all have great reviews from past customers. They're known for being reliable, attentive, and professional throughout the entire process of planning and hosting a funeral. 


Plan a Memorial That Does Your Loved One Justice


Paying tribute to a loved one who has passed is usually a one-time experience. Choose a trusted funeral provider from this list, so that the funeral adequately honors the special life of your friend or relative. You can rest assured that any of these fine funeral homes will provide a beautiful, respectful memorial service. 

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