Funeral Planning FAQs — Common Funeral Questions and Their Answers
Posted by: Brigitte Ganger in Funeral Information | September 29
When it comes to funerals, most people are unsure of what's expected. Today we're answering the most frequently asked questions when someone dear passes away.

Q: How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

A: Price can vary greatly, depending on the needs of your family. However, thе average соѕt of a funeral in the U.S. iѕ juѕt оvеr $7,000.

Q: Burial or Cremation?

A: The final resting destination of your loved one's remains is entirely up to your family. If your loved one expressed their wishes in this regard, either in their will or verbally, those wishes should be honored.

If no such instructions were left, those closest to the deceased should make the call. Remembering the deceased person's religion, personal preferences, and unique character should help you make the right decision.

Q: What Is a Cremation?

A: Cremation is an alternative to embalming and burying a deceased person. Rather than preserving them for viewing and burial, the body is reduced to ash at temperatures of 1,400 to 1,800°F. These ashes are sometimes called cremains.

Cremains can be placed into an urn or other container for burial, scattering, or safekeeping. If buried, you can choose an urn that's eco-friendly and biodegradable if you so choose.

Q: What Are the Alternatives to Traditional Burial and Cremation?

A: Aside from traditional burial, more modern green options are available. Green burials allow remains to naturally decompose, minimizing the negative environmental impact of caskets made with metal, cushioning, and treated wood.

Folks who opt for cremation have many more options. Cremains can be formed into custom urns, compressed into synthetic diamonds, blasted into space, and the list goes on.

Q: What Is a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

A: A prepaid funeral plan allows you to plan your funeral in advance and ensure the bill is paid prior to your death. Folks do this to have greater control over their final arrangements, and ensure their families aren't stuck with a large funeral bill. Find out if a prepaid funeral plan is right for you by talking to a qualified funeral director.

Q: How Do I Choose a Funeral Home?

A: Choosing a funeral home is a very personal decision. If there are religious or cultural considerations, it is prudent to select a home that can accommodate your wishes. If your loved one is to be buried or cremated, make sure you choose a funeral home that accommodates those wishes. Otherwise, a funeral home near the intended location of the funeral is the best choice.

Q: Am I Legally Allowed to Scatter Ashes Anywhere I Want?

A: The laws regarding the scattering of cremains varies by state, and depend on the desired location. Most national parks in the United States allow scattering of ashes, but you will need permission from the park, and possibly a permit as well.

Scattering ashes on private property is allowed, as long as the legal owner of the land consents. Find out who owns the property where you wish to spread ashes before traveling there to lay your loved one to final rest. This applies to graveyards as well.

You can also scatter ashes at sea, but the site must be three nautical miles or more away from land.

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