Anderson-Burris Funeral Home: Helping Families Help Children
Posted by: Erin Ward in Funeral Advice | June 12, 2017

Enid, OK – Being a parent and caring for a child is no easy task. Even more difficult is when you have to care for a foster child. In many cases, these children have been removed from their homes and come to yours with very little or sometimes nothing. The hardest part, establishing a relationship with the child and letting them know they’re now in a safe and loving environment.

Enid, Oklahoma is a rural area with a large farming community. It is a community made up of about 48,000 people who come from diverse backgrounds including retired military, farmers, and others who have lived in Enid their entire life. It is the kind of place where community values are important, and neighbors are happy to lend a hand.

Enid has a great need for foster parents and foster homes. At any given time, there are about 1200 children in the foster care system in Oklahoma. Amanda (an employee at Anderson-Burris Funeral Home, and daughter of the owners) and her husband have a family of seven. Three of their own biological children, and a brother and sister they have adopted. On top of all this, they have accepted foster children into their home for the past 4 years.

Being a family involved with foster programs, Anderson-Burris knows all too well the effort that goes into being a foster parent. Children can show up at any time of the day. Sometimes the children have nothing, and parents have to make and emergency trip to the store for supplies.

To address this problem, Anderson-Burris developed “Backpacks of Blessings”.  A program designed to assist foster parents in their community. Foster parents can call the funeral home and an emergency bag of supplies that is age appropriate for the child is delivered to the foster home. The package includes a backpack for the child to keep, with supplies like clothes, diapers, blankets, and baby formula.

The foster parents in Garrison county have a dedicated social media network where they can communicate with one another. Anderson-Burris has made their “Backpacks of Blessings” initiative available to all the families in this network. Numerous businesses have also expressed their interest to get involved and make donations to the program.

Moving forward, Anderson-Burris hopes to increase the amount of support they can offer to foster families in their community, and continue to generate awareness around the need for foster families and support.

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