Three Ways to Prevent Emotional Spending When Funeral Planning
Posted by: Erin Ward in Funeral Planning Resources, Funeral Advice | October 8, 2020
To prevent emotional spending, funeral planning is key. According to an article from, emotional spending is when “our emotions are the central influencers in our decision-making process.”

When coping with the loss a loved one, your emotions are very high. You want to give them the best funeral possible, but if you’re not careful, it can lead to overspending. 

Below are three tips to prevent emotional spending while still honoring your loved one.

1. Choose a Funeral Budget Ahead of Time and Stick to It

Before you begin the funeral planning process, determine a budget you’re comfortable with and stick with it. To do this, evaluate your current savings and any savings your loved one set aside for the funeral. Ask yourself, how much can I afford while keeping up with my other living expenses?

Don’t forget to consider any alternative payment options your chosen funeral home offers. For example, many funeral homes offer crowdfunding, financing, and life insurance assignments as funeral payment. These alternative payment options also can help with medical expenses, memorial funds, college funds, and other necessary expenses.

2. Keep Communication Open Between Family Members and Funeral Directors

When funeral planning, keep communication open between your family members and chosen funeral directors. Decide what you want your loved one’s funeral to look like or how to make their funeral wishes a reality without breaking your budget. By creating an environment with open communication, you can welcome all ideas with the understanding that not everything may be possible.

It may help for your family to share ideas before meeting with your funeral directors. Then, you can present your thoughts to them, and they can provide their input. After all, they’re the experts in creating personalized funeral experiences, so they can provide meaningful advice and guidance.

3. Decide Which Funeral Service Elements Are Wants Versus Needs

Lastly, choose which funeral elements are must-haves versus wants. To start, make a list of the funeral elements you’re debating, such as the music, decorations, food, flowers, location, mementos, and other elements. Then, decide if they’re must-haves or wants that can be cut. You can explore the wants if you have extra funds, but if you’re upset about a want not being done, then it might be a must-have.

There also are ways to cut the costs without sacrificing quality. For example, let’s say one of your must-haves is an outdoor service since your loved one was a nature lover. To save money, consider hosting the funeral service in a family member’s backyard.

How else can you prevent emotional spending when funeral planning? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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