How to Plan an Outdoor Funeral Service

Posted by: Erin Ward in Funeral Planning Resources, Funeral Advice | July 7, 2021

There are many reasons why someone would want an outdoor funeral service. Maybe you love to spend time outside gardening, running, or another outdoor-based hobby, so you want your loved ones to remember you in your favorite setting. Or maybe you just want your loved ones to be surrounded by the peacefulness of nature while grieving their loss.  

Whatever your reason is, this article can help make your outdoor funeral service wishes into a reality for your loved ones. 


Decide Your End-of-Life Funeral Arrangement Option 

Before getting into the details of planning an outdoor funeral service, you should first decide your end-of-life arrangement option. This way, you can plan the service location accordingly. For example, if you choose cremation and want your ashes scattered, the funeral location could be the same place as the scattering location. Or if you’re choosing burial, you could have the service at the cemetery or a nearby location. 


Choose Your Outdoor Funeral Service Location 

Once you know your end-of-life arrangement option, you can choose your outdoor funeral service location. For example, you can choose somewhere scenic or one of your favorite outdoor places. 

Need some ideas? Here are a few options to get you started! 

  • Family member’s backyard 
  • Community garden 
  • Local park 
  • Beach 
  • Barn 


Find Ways to Personalize the Funeral Service 

There are many unique ways to personalize an outdoor funeral service. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it; there are no right or wrong ways to personalize a funeral service. Whether you want to decorate the service for the season, with mementos, or a combination of the two, these are a few ideas. 

  • Choose funeral flowers and plants that go with the season. 
  • Add other seasonal decorations like pumpkins, rain boots, or even fake snow if you want to create a winter atmosphere during the off-season. 
  • Have an outdoor screen for playing a tribute video. 
  • Create memorial displays for mementos, just make sure they won’t blow away if it’s windy. 
  • Give funeral guests nature-inspired gifts, like flower seeds or memorial stones. 


Have a Backup Plan in Case of Bad Weather 

It’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. This may mean choosing a backup indoor location, or if your heart is set on an outdoor funeral, choosing a backup date and/or time.  

You also could get supplies to help combat rain, cold temperatures, or other weather that you may run into. For example, in case of rain, rent tents and provide guests with umbrellas. If it might be a cold day, place a blanket and hand warmer on each guest’s chair. Or if it’s going to be a hot day, place fans around the service area. 


What other ideas do you have for planning an outdoor funeral service? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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