The History Behind Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Posted by: Erin Ward in Just for Fun | July 7, 2020

Founded back in 1899, Hollywood Forever Cemetery is one of Los Angeles’ oldest cemeteries. Many well-known celebrities are buried there, and the cemetery is a popular spot today for hosting community events.

So, how did it become the famous cemetery it is today? Let’s go over a brief history of Hollywood Forever Cemetery and what draws people to it today.

History Behind Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever Cemetery had a few other names, including Hollywood Cemetery when it first opened in 1899 and later Hollywood Memorial Park. During 1998 is when it started going by its current name.

Paramount Pictures also used to be a part of the cemetery’s land, as it’s located on the same block. However, there were never any burials there.

Well-Known People Buried There

Many of the people buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery were in the entertainment industry, as well as some local celebrities from Los Angeles. A couple well-known people who are buried there are Anton Yelchin, Cecil B. DeMille, Fay Wray, Jerry Siegel, Judy Garland, and Mel Blanc.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Today

The cemetery has its own funeral home, as well. They offer all the standard services that come with funerals, such as transportation of the body, organizing funeral and memorial services, a collection of memorial products, and several other services.

They also regularly host community events, including movie showings and concerts. Every year, they have an elaborate Día de Los Muertos event with music, dancing, crafts, and so much more. It’s a very popular event, as more than 40,000 people attend it!

Of course, they also offer guided tours of Hollywood Forever Cemetery to honor and remember those who are buried there. Or, they also provide a walking guestbook for those who want to explore the cemetery on their own.

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