The Benefits of Funeral Fundraising
Posted by: Erin Ward in Funeral Planning Resources, Technology | November 5
Whether a loved one died unexpectedly or not, funeral fundraising may be the right payment solution for you. In addition to paying for the funeral expenses, it can help you raise funds for other necessary expenses, all while keeping your savings and giving you peace of mind.

Depending on the funeral home you choose, they may even have crowdfunding capabilities built into their website. This makes the process easier and more convenient for your family and those who wish to donate, as they can often donate directly on their loved one’s memorial page.

To see if funeral fundraising is a good fit for you, let’s further discuss the benefits below.

Raise Funds for Other Necessary Memorial and Living Expenses

Funeral fundraising isn’t just limited to raising funds for the funeral expenses itself. When a loved one dies, there are more expenses to consider than just the funeral costs. But you don’t have to face these payments alone. By raising funds, you can get some extra financial support to cover all your necessary expenses, such as a:
  • Memorial fund
  • Kids’ college funds
  • Scholarship in your loved one’s honor
  • Donation in your loved one’s name
  • Medical expenses
  • Bills and other living expenses

Reach Out to Your Community for Support

Funeral fundraising is a powerful way to bring everyone together during a time of loss. By reaching out to your community, it helps you feel less alone in your grief. Many people may want to show their support but don’t know how, so donating allows them to do this while giving you financial security. This way your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, acquaintances, and even kind strangers can express their condolences.

Keep Your Emergency Savings

With generous donations from loved ones, you can keep your emergency savings instead of depleting it. This way, you can still be prepared for any unexpected situations if they arise. Or, if you are looking to make a larger purchase soon, you still have the means to do so. Remember that any amount of money raised is fewer funds you must take out of your savings. Instead of using your safety net as the primary payment method, it can be your last resort.

Have Peace of Mind with Funeral Fundraising

You’re already grieving a loss, so the last thing you need to worry about is paying for the funeral. By raising funds for the expenses, you can focus on funeral planning, grieving, and memorializing your loved one. It’s a small way to help you feel more in control in an uncontrollable situation. With the help from funeral fundraising, you can get a sense of comfort from your community’s support.

These days, many funeral homes even offer their own crowdfunding option so you can avoid third-party services. Talk to your funeral home to see what options they offer!

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