Worlein Funeral Home – The Little Library
Posted by: Erin Ward in Funeral Advice | May 29, 2017

Austin, MN – Worlein Funeral Home is home to a grief support resource that has brought their community together to help offer others support during times of need. The Little Library is unique offering their funeral home has to help people in their community.

It is a miniature library that is situated outside of the funeral home for people dealing with grief and loss to access. The Little Library is filled exclusively with grief and loss resources to educate people and help them cope. The premise of the library is simple, anyone can take a resource from it free of charge, when they are done with it they return it. So far, it has been a major success and has aided in helping people in their community. Many people who have not even used the Little Library have donated grief resources to it that were helpful to them during the grieving period.

People of all ages and backgrounds have begun to utilize the library. A time of grief and loss does not only affect people have lost a loved one. The library is used to help people who are dealing with loss including: going through a divorce, have just lost their job, or are trying to comfort and support others who are grieving. Regardless of the circumstance, the library is stocked with material that will help educate and comfort people.

The library has been a major success in uniting the community in Austin. People now refer others to it as a place for people to seek helpful advice. The library has help a countless number of people in the community through difficult times. Many people in the community have donated resources to help grow the library in an effort to further help others.

Worlein Funeral Home recognized an opportunity to help better their community. A funeral home is place people go to when dealing with a loss to help them cope and say goodbye. The Little Library has allowed their staff to provide families with more information and thus improved how they can help others. By constantly striving to improve their offerings and resources, a funeral home only grows more important as a community partner to turn to in a time of need.

No one is immune to grief or loss. Worlein Funeral Home hopes that the Little Library will continue to fill a need in their community by providing help, hope, and healing to all regardless of where they are in the grief journey.

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